Openness & Transparency

The new majority that took control of the board a year ago promised us more transparency but it hasn't always turned out that way. They shut the public out of an important meeting in December to interview candidates for an empty board seat in an apparent violation of the state Sunshine Law. They rammed through the appointment of a new superintendent in February without giving the public any notice, even after saying before the meeting that the hiring would not be on the agenda. In the March 9 meeting, two of our opponents, Rose Markle and Irene Sobolov, voted to close the meeting to discuss a bureaucratic matter that had nothing to do with personnel--another apparent violation of the Sunshine Law.

Most appalling was the way Board Chairman Rose Markle and another member handled the letter from the new super saying he would not be taking the job after all. Markle received the letter on Feb. 25 but instead of immediately releasing this news to all of the other board members and, most importantly, the public, she kept the news to herself for four days, until an hour after the March 1 deadline for filing petitions for the school board election. The public--which would have been footing the $700,000 bill for the new super's contract--did not find out that he was out and a new search would have to be conducted until March 2, five days after Markle found out. We will abide by the letter and spirit of the Sunshine Law and keep the parents, employees and taxpayers fully informed on important school board matters.

When it comes to financial transparency, the Real Results team will set a new standard for providing information to the public via the district's Website. We'll create an online, user-friendly database, containing information on every dollar the school district spends, as well as a copy of every contract with a private vendor, our unions and administrators. Other school districts have done this. We should do the same. We'll put the district's checkbook online, so you can see exactly how your tax dollars are being spent. Why shouldn't you have this kind of access? It's your money.

We will...


Upgrade our district website, creating a user-friendly database containing information on every dollar the schools spend.

Stop obvious Sunshine Law violations that have seen the board close meetings for no legal reason.

Bring professionalism and civility to the school board.